From Dixon, for Dixon

Logan has entire life in Dixon. From attending school at Tremont, CA Jacobs, and the DHS. Where he spent his formative years playing sports, going to church, and socializing with friends. It wasn’t until his junior year in high school that he felt a need to fight for a cause. This manifested in his AP Environmental science class. This revelation invigorated him to become more vocal and active. Logan realized that issues such as racism, climate change, homelessness, pay gap, and many more persisted without progressing. This was the first time that he looked at the system and concluded that it wasn’t working, not well enough.

While in high school Logan was involved in clubs and sports. He also worked in town as a lifeguard for the city pool and as a barista at Starbucks. After graduating high school, Logan attended Sacramento City College where he received a degree in political science before transferring to UC Davis where he studies International relations with an emphasis on Global environment. During his tenure at these universities, he has served on Student Associated Council at Sacramento city college, the Student Senate for California Community Colleges and ASUCD at UC Davis in an executive capacity.

Outisde of academia, Logan has spent much of his young adulthood advocating for disadvantaged demographics. Logan has advocated on the behest of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities in D.C. regarding DREAMers and the HERE Act. Logan became involved with protests both in regards to social injustices, like Black Lives Matter and women’s rights but also environmental injustices. Logan has supplemented these activities with volunteering for Sunrise movement, FEMA, AmeriCorps, and other non-profit organizations. In fact, he in the process of starting a non-profit, one in which aims to address environmental racism and the residual effects of redlining.

Logan’s occupational credentials are just as substantive. In the past he has worked for the State Lands Commission doing GIS work, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research in accordance with the State Clearinghouse working in compliance with CEQA, and he currently works for Strategic Education Services, a government relations and policy consulting firm.

Last year, Logan read Albert Camus’, The Myth of Sisyphus, and reevaluated how he wanted to help disadvantaged demographics. Prior to this paradigm shift, his inclination was to get into law, however this new perspective allowed him to pivot and look into running for public office. Logan saw that the best way for him to run for public office give back to the community closest to his heart was by starting in the town that shaped him.

“We shouldn’t be looking for heroes, we should be looking for good ideas.” -Noam Chomsky

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