“As luminary of change, It is my ambition to elicit progress within the community, which in turn will beget progress holistically.”


As the only candidate to have gone through DUSD, I have first hand experience with the curriculum, the practitioners, and the resources available. I would like to work closely with the school board to improve school funding, include ethical and environmental studies as a requirement, and guarantee that all students have access to necessary wellness programs and resources.

Financial Stability

As long as I can remember, Dixon has impetuously spent expenditures. From a new high school, an unused train station, an underpass, instituting a 3 million dollar parking lot on an already established parking lot. I want to ensure that Dixon spends its money appropriately and transparently into the community and businesses. Dixon cannot turn into a bedroom community that doesn’t have a thriving downtown or any local businesses employing residents.

Addressing Climate Change

There is clear and empirical evidence that climate change is real and happening fast. Dixon must look at itself and figure out ways to combat this salient issue. Dixon has to invest more into public parks, street vegetation to cool homes during the summer, LEED infrastructure for businesses and homes, better public transit, and moving away from pollution profits.

Property Rights/ Housing

The cost of living has gone up exponentially. Dixon has to look out for its residents. Protecting Families from increasing rent is essential. As well as making sure that property owners are protected.

Diversity & Equity

We must guarantee that Dixon is a bastion for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Dixon is a relatively homogeneous town in regards to demographics. Moving forward Dixon will be at the forefront of inclusivity and social reform.

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